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Testing Words of Encouragement (Prophetic Words)

Here at Kingdom Women, we have a high value for hearing God's voice and a high value for seeing the prophetic operate through healthy individuals, who are equipped and trained in this type of ministry. Who also have the ability to be teachable and operate under pastoral oversight. At the same time, scripture tells us it's our responsibility to test these words. We hope the following will help you and prepare you to receive what the Lord might have for you. If you have an issue or question with any ministry you receive here at Kingdom Women please contact us at


Scripture tells us we are His sheep and we can hear His voice. (John 10:4) Today we are gathered to encounter God and His voice. We understand that the primary way He speaks is through His Word. However, He is God and can speak any way He wants. As we read the Scriptures we discover He speaks in many different ways. Today you may receive a "Word of Encouragement" from someone else. Some of the women today are operating in the spiritual gift of prophecy as outlined in 1 Corinthians 14:31. This is a beautiful gift given to the body of Christ to build up and encourage one another. However, scripture is clear, regardless of whether someone feels they have heard from God, it is always our responsibility to judge prophecy and test every word (I Cor. 14:9, I John 4:1, 1 Thess. 5:19-20). Scripture also tells us that we speak what God is saying to us by faith (Rom. 12:6) and that we prophesy in part (1 Cor. 13:9), more reasons why we should test every prophetic word spoken to us. If you receive a prophetic word of encouragement today, here are some guidelines that will help you test that word.

1. Does the prophetic word contradict Scripture? Scripture is the final authority and anything that contradicts Scripture must be rejected. (2 Tim 3:16-17).

2. Does the prophecy uplift Jesus or somebody else? (Rev 19:10)

3. Prophecy should draw you closer to the Lord, not to the one giving prophecy.

4. Look for the inner witness of the Holy Spirit to your spirit. Also look for a witness of His peace with the word given (Col 3:15, I Jn 2:20, John 16:13).

5. Did the prophetic word come to pass? (Deut.18:21-22) If it did not come to pass, it may not be from God.

6. Pray your prophetic word through. Take the word back to the Lord and discuss it with Him. Ask Him to show you if there are any conditions He wants you to meet, any changes He wants you to make in your life or thinking. Ask Him to show you if any parts of the word are not from Him and to confirm the parts that are from Him. (Dan 10:12)

7. Compare the word against other things God has spoken into your life through prior prophecies, personal devotions, pastoral counsel, etc.
8. If you feel the word causes alarm/fear/discomfort, run it by your pastor or a leader from your church.

9. Do NOT act on any predictive, directive, or calling/gifting definition words unless you get confirmation from other sources. If this is a word from God, He will be happy to confirm it to you. We encourage you to get an independent witness and counsel as well. (Deut. 19:15, Matt 18:16,2 Cor. 13:1, 1 Tim 5:19)

10. Do not "read into" a word, what you want it to say. Pray into a word. Write it down and pray. Some words unfold over time and the Lord's timing is not always our timing.

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