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Are you ready for a breakthrough and to advance?

You are the best investment for your future. So many people take time to empower and grow others or their businesses, but few take the time to develop themselves. Our goal in Kingdom Women Mentoring, which includes life coaching, consulting, counsel, biblical and prophetic insight, is designed to bring hope, strategy, and breakthrough to help you advance in your personal and professional life.  


We seek God, are led by the Holy Spirit, and carry years of leadership, ministry, and marketplace experience that will provide you with insight and clarity. We also will help you discover the issues that might be holding you back. Whether it’s emotional health, social awareness, a need for healing, and deliverance, we believe God has a breakthrough waiting for you. If you are ready to invest in your growth and development, then consider mentoring with Kingdom Women.


Prices and amounts of time vary depending on the consultant you choose. You are entirely responsible for any decisions you make with regards to the council you will get. If you are ok with that, then let’s get your mentoring journey started.