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Sarah Robbins

Speaker, CEO, Author, & Network Marketing Leader

Sarah Robbins is a leading authority in network marketing. She holds the distinguished title of #1 distributor and highest earner within her company, boasting a formidable seven-figure annual income.

Formerly a dedicated educator specializing in early childhood education, Sarah's career trajectory shifted due to economic challenges. 
Faced with the threat of unemployment amidst a struggling economy and her husband Phil's business also feeling the pinch, Sarah embarked on a journey to secure additional income streams. This quest led her to the dynamic world of network marketing. 

Reflecting on her humble beginnings, Sarah recalls, "How could a reserved teacher in her twenties, navigating through an economic downturn, possibly thrive in network marketing? I soon discovered the transformative potential inherent in this business model—it empowers ordinary individuals to achieve truly extraordinary outcomes!" 

Drawing upon her teaching background, Sarah established and executed robust systems to cultivate her team. To her astonishment, she not only surpassed her teaching salary within the first year but also bid farewell to her teaching career altogether. Within five years, at 29, she ascended to earning an impressive six-figure monthly income through her network marketing endeavors.

Sarah's success story is also a faith journey with the God of the impossible working throughout her life behind the scenes. She now encourages other women to believe God for more than they could hope or imagine. Sarah and her husband, Phil, live in California and have two adorable sons.

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