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Singer, Songwriter, Speaker & Leader

Lindy Cofer is a powerful prophetic voice within the Church. She is a part of the missions organization, YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Circuit Riders, located in Huntington Beach, California as a worship leader, and singer‐songwriter. Lindy and her team are passionate about seeing people, cities, and nations transformed and seeing a generation mobilized to fulfill the call of God on their lives. Lindy’s debut album “Every Nation” was released  in 2016, followed by “Driven By Love” in 2019. Lindy’s newest project, a release of 3 live EP ’s are declarations of whole‐hearted worship and the sound of GO. Lindy has a passion for foster care, adoption and advocacy for vulnerable children. Lindy and her husband Chase believe the Church is rising to be the solution for vulnerable children in America and across the world. Find out more at www.lindycofer.com

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Singer, Songwriter, Speaker & Leader

Circuit Rider Music is the musical expression of the Circuit Riders, a grassroots movement and missional community- based in Huntington Beach, California. We are a collective of artists, musicians, and producers who are all full-time missionaries focused on raising up a Jesus sound for a whole generation. Jesus People was our first collaborative record. We are now releasing music through Greenhouse Prayer Room, Black Voices, Riders, Lindy Cofer and more to come collaboratively. Find out more at www.lindycofer.com

Speakers Bio


JOANNE MOODY - Speaker, Author, & Founder

Reverend Joanne Moody is an ordained minister through the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, Master Equipper through the Christian Healing Certification Program of Global Awakening, Christian Life Coach through Western Seminary’s Coaching Program, and is certified through the International Coaching Federation. She leads healing teams, teaches, speaks, trains, and equips leaders and laypeople nationally and internationally in all types of ministry venues. Joanne has completed her first book, Minute by Minute, on living life through adversity which covers her near-death experience and the miraculous healing of 14 years of debilitating nerve pain. Joanne lives in Rocklin, California, is happily married to Mike, and loves being a mom to her son, Kian. she is the founder of Agape Freedom Fighters.


JESSI GREEN - Revivalist, Speaker, Author, Pastor & Founder

Jessi Green is a revivalist, full-time missionary, Director of Saturate Global, and Co-Lead Pastor of Salt Churches alongside her husband Parker. She is passionate about reaching those that don’t know Jesus and equipping The Church to make disciples and preach the Gospel. She believes that everyone is qualified to share the Good News and teach others to follow Jesus. While enjoying the sun in California with her two sons David and Ethan and daughter Summer, she passionately speaks about what it means to follow a Jesus that is ALIVE and wants to transform cities and YOUR LIFE!

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CHRIS BLUE - Speaker & Pastor

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Chris moved to CA to pursue a career in the dance & film industry. She was an LA Laker Girl, cheering for Magic Johnson in the early '90s, and also had small roles in Grand Canyon, Forget Paris, and Forrest Gump, before graduating from USC with a degree in Physiology. At the age of 22, riddled with rebellion and insecurity, she heard a message about a God who loved her unconditionally, and she threw her heart to Jesus like a hot potato and never looked back! She and her husband, John, a former NHL goalie, now live with their five children in Costa Mesa, where they pastor Pacific Point Church. With toddlers and teens under the same roof, there is plenty of wild & wonderful to write about, and Chris shares their crazy adventures daily on Instagram @chris_blue. The Blue Crew mantra is “love hard & fight hard,” and their story tells of the sweetest growth coming from the most difficult moments. Having spent the last 24 years of ministry on the frontlines of church planting and community service, Chris' heart is revival-ready for what God is doing in this new season! Chris is passionate about the messages of identity and calling, regularly creating space for women, who have indeed been born for such a time as this. Each’s a unique set of gifts and leadership is vital for kingdom building in this hour.  Chris' favorite things are Bible study, beach days and Broncos; flea markets, Anthropologie, and hip hop; running after her 5-year-old grandson and currently, birthing a book on finding honey in the hard.


RUTH FERNANDEZ -  Entrepreneur & Author

Ruth is the author of a new book, “Prosperity Is Not Luck, It's Your Birthright.” Many Christians today still embrace poverty mentalities and world financial methods God never intended for us to have. Understanding Abraham's covenant God made to him, is understanding the promises that come with that both spiritually and financially. Ruth explains all this and takes you through a series of prayers that are sure to set you free. She is the founder and CEO of X5 Naturals and serves as the Vice President of 1031 Crowdfunding. She is also a Consultant for various business, helping to launch and guide entrepreneurs from small startups to established companies. Find out more at www.x5naturals.com


ERIN FUNK - Speaker & Pastor

Erin Funk is a mom, wife, daughter, and friend. She is the Sr. Pastor of Just BE Church. She and her husband have invested much of their lives ministering to the next generation, contending to see revival birthed in their city and leading a generation that pursues greater depths of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Erin travels extensively bringing a NOW word to the church, calling people into their true identities and destinies. She is a gifted speaker that releases the supernatural and prophetic in her meetings. She loves to encourage, inspire and equip the body of Christ to walk in the fullness of all God has for them. Erin has been married to Mr. Incredible (Todd) for 27 years. They have 4 boys, 1 daughter-in-love, and a black lab named Mavic. She enjoys being in her garden tending the beehives and chickens. She lives in Orange County, CA., where her door is always open–usually with a fresh breeze and laughter blowing through.


DENISE GITSHAM JONES - Attorney, Political Commentator, Speaker & Author
Denise was born at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California, to a Chinese mother and a Canadian father. As the daughter of immigrants and a lover of God, her life is marked by gratitude and a commitment to public service. A graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and Bowdoin College, Denise has worked at the highest levels of the federal government, from the White House to the US Senate, as well as in law firms, for startups, and most recently in politics, as a candidate for Congress. Today, she has her own public affairs consulting firm, serves on numerous boards, is an Ironman triathlete, and the proud wife of a brilliant federal prosecutor. Find out more at https://www.denisegitshamjones.com

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MEGHAN ROBINSON -  Pastor, Speaker & Author

Meghan Robinson is a dynamic and authentic communicator with Texas roots and a California heart! Meghan and her husband Carey pastor The Movement Church in Orange County California! They have been in ministry for the past 21 years as youth pastors, associate pastors, and now senior pastors. Affectionately known on social media as “divapastor” she promises she’s not really a diva!  Meghan is a wife, mom to two beautiful girls, church planter, pastor, friend, author of the “Hey Babe” devotional, and big dreamer! Her greatest passion is helping women identify the God dream inside of them and awaken to their greater purpose! She challenges women to recognize the multi-faceted roles they have been given and step into the fullness of God’s plan for their lives!


MONICA IDANO - CEO & Philanthropist
Monica is an inspirational speaker, CEO, and philanthropist helping people create a future that is more meaningful than their past. She inspires people from all walks of life, from the professional and business owner to the family that is trying to put their lives back together again, to the deprived children throughout the world through her nonprofit Esther 4:14 Project. She also uses spiritual principles and real-life stories to help others overcome the obstacles that are holding them back turning their pain into a powerful platform to help themselves and others. She often meets with high-profile leaders in various industries to bring effective change. She lives with passion, purpose, and pleasure; Passion for God’s teachings and for excellence in everything she did, a life with a purpose to serve God and those around her, and finding pleasure in all the blessings and opportunities around her.  After being married to the love of her life, Gabriel, she found herself alone. Her beloved husband passed unexpectedly after ten years of being together. Yet she saw how her faith and guiding principles gave her the strength to heal and move forward to create a better world for others and her son, Dominic.


HEATHER FERRANTE - Speaker, Minister & Leader

Heather is a passionate Kingdom Wife, mom, minister, and beauty influencer who has worn many hats through the years. She and her husband started out in vocational ministry over 24 years ago serving as youth pastors and less than a year later found themselves as the senior leaders of a church in their early 20’s. Heather has had many roles within the church such as worship leader/creative arts director, community outreach, & children’s ministry director giving her a well-rounded perspective on life and church ministry. She is also an author and has served as a creative consultant and community development manager for non-profits, schools, and businesses both locally and globally.  She co-founded Emerging Prophets with her husband Keith and is currently working in the beauty industry as a hair extension & color specialist in Newport Beach, CA. She is the founder of Truth, Lies, & Lattes, a Facebook community for women where they can grow in their personal relationship with God, discover their inner and outer beauty, and overcome the lies they’ve believed to be true about themselves. Her greatest joy is spending time in God’s presence, hanging out with her family, traveling, and championing others to live and love on purpose.


JULIA DEDMON - Speaker, Worship Leader & Real Estate Agent
Julia is ordained through Iris Global and Bethel Church and has enjoyed ministering together in over 35 nations since 2006. They enjoy speaking, demonstrating the healing power of God, and activating the church to step into its full potential. Julia has served as a worship pastor for young adults and youth. She loves leading worship, prophesying, and releasing prayer for healing. Julia has the heart to see the Church operate in the fullness of abundance seeing love, miracles, and healing displayed in the corporate body of Christ. She along with her husband Chad currently lead Encountering Jesus Ministries and Catch the Wave, which focuses primarily on equipping the church. Julia has been married for over 15 years is also a real estate agent and lives in Redding, California. They have 2 beautiful children Brielle and David.

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JENNIFER ADNAMS - Teacher, Pastor, Speaker & Author

Jennifer "Jif" is a shepherding pastor, teacher, and author with a heart for intimacy with the Lord. She longs to see everyone walk rooted in the love of Christ, grounded in their identity as children of God, and living in God's plans and purposes. She has a deep foundation in the Word of God and loves to see others grow in the same. She is devoted to hearing the voice of God and seeing His kingdom ushered in everywhere. Previously, she has served in women's ministry at various churches and has led small groups in Community Bible Study for several years. Under the mentorship of pioneers Doug Fields and Jim Burns, she was a youth and children's ministry leader for years. She, along with her husband, served on the board of New Harvest Community Church.  She currently serves as the Core Team Leader for Kingdom Women International, championing The Journey - our 9-month curriculum and leadership training. She has the heart to bring women together to grow in intimacy, identity, and purpose and see churches raise an army of women for the Lord. She was a guest writer for Journey Into Identity and was a co-author for Journey Into Purpose. Jif is a credentialed teacher and has been in education for over 25 years. She currently works as a Homeschool Teacher for a regional charter school. She lives with her husband and two children in San Juan Capistrano, CA.


CATHY GREER - Speaker, Author, Pastor & Founder

Cathy is a powerful speaker, author, pastor, and leader who has served in the marketplace and ministry for over 30 years. She is currently the President and founder of Mission Support (MSN Ministries). Established in 2008, MSN Ministries is a mission organization passionate about Jesus and His global harvest advancing the Kingdom of God through church planting, evangelistic outreach, and education for the poor. She and her husband have equipped thousands of pastors and leaders in 30-plus nations as ordained ministers. In addition to over 18 years in full-time ministry, Cathy worked in executive-level leadership in the marketplace and was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a technology company. She is a mother in The Faith and prophetic voice to many forerunners and catalysts in this generation worldwide. Her passion is to inspire, empower, and equip leaders to walk in the fullness of their identity and inheritance in Christ. She is also one of the founders of Kingdom Women International @kingdom_women_intl. She has been married for 30 years and has one daughter. Find out more at www.msnministries.org


JOANNE JOHNSON - Speaker, Leader, Minister & Entrepreneur 
Joanne is a requested speaker and entrepreneur who has worked in philanthropy for over 25 years assisting non-profits, individuals, and corporations. She envisioned her company Give4 with a passion to mobilize generosity by providing strategy and alignment between giving, passion, and creating impact. Joanne graduated from Westmont College with a B.A. in Communication Studies and has lived most of her life in Southern California, along with three years in Dubai, UAE. She loves to travel, speak, and minister in the nations and see the Kingdom of God released. Joanne grew up in Southern California, is an ordained minister, and served on staff with her husband for seven years at Vineyard Community Church in Laguna Niguel leading in women's ministry, small groups, and all things community.  She and her husband also led and taught for sixteen years in Vineyard's Kingdom School of Ministry. Her greatest desire is to see women resourced and disciples locally and abroad, equipping them for their destiny and purpose in God. She is a founder with Kingdom Women International @kingdom_women_intl and the Influence Collective @influencecolletiveoc. She and her husband Tim have been married for 30 years and have three children, two married and one new grandbaby, Levi, who is the latest family obsession. Find out more about Joanne at 


KIM GJONOVICH - Speaker, Minister & Leader

Kim is an ordained minister with a passion is hearing the voice of the Lord and helping and encouraging others to do the same. She powerfully in the prophetic and trains others to hear God's voice. She is devoted to her King, and it is her desire to help others experience His presence and His goodness. Previously, she led the Prayer Ministry at Mount Hope Community Church for 10 years. For the past 10 years, she has served at Vineyard Community Church in women's and children's ministry. There, she has been involved in women’s ministry, and children’s ministry, and has been a leader in prophetic ministry. She has led small groups and served in the healing rooms. She has the heart to bring women together in the region to seek the heart of the Lord and to walk in the fullness of their destinies. She currently serves on the Executive Leadership for Kingdom Women International and recently launch Emerging Prophets school in Orange County, CA. She lives with her husband Richard and her 3 children in Orange County. Find out more at www.emergingprophetsoc.com/


TAMI HICHMAN - Speaker, Teacher, Entrepreneur & Jewelry Designer

Tami is a lover of Jesus and His presence. She lives in California with her amazing Husband Bruce and twins Caleb and Cody.  She has known and loved Jesus since she gave her life to him at five years old. One of Tami’s greatest joys is hearing the voice of the Lord and prophesying to others. Tami is passionate about helping others hear the voice of the Lord and discover their kingdom's identity. She is a creative entrepreneur, who for fifteen years owned one of the most sought-after boutique vintage jewelry lines. Currently, she spends her time serving on Kingdom Woman Executive Team, professionally styling and designing custom prophetic Jewelry for a handful of clients. Her loves include going to the beach, having coffee with friends, and doing life with her family in San Clemente.Find out more at www.relicsbytami.com

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