Here Are Your Next Steps To Becoming
A Kingdom Woman Leader

Thank you for your interest in Kingdom Women International! We believe God is mobilizing an army of women to rise up and do what He’s called us to do from the beginning: proclaim the gospel, advance the Kingdom, make disciples, defeat the enemy and set the captives free!  (Isaiah 61:1-7) It requires women who understand they were created for greatness. Yes, you! You are the answer and discipleship is key. 

As a result, we believe leadership development is priority one. Our leadership development program will include 5 Training Modules that will equip you with everything you need to lead a group. As a Kingdom Woman leader, you will receive ongoing training and tools to become an effective and sought-after leader. 

We conducted our first leadership training in February and plan to schedule our next training soon. This one-day training consists of equipping all KW volunteer leaders with everything they will need to lead a group. Please note, that while we prayerfully consider every application, approval to leadership development and training is not guaranteed and can be denied for any reason. 

Visit the Kingdom Women website to review details about Leadership Training


Complete the following application and send back as soon as possible. Once we receive the completed application please allow 48 hours for review. We're excited for you to begin your leadership journey and impact the lives of those around you!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at


With great excitement, 
Kingdom Women Leadership Team