About Kingdom Women

Kingdom Women is an organization of Kingdom-minded women who seek to inspire, empower and resource other women to walk in their God-given identity and destiny. 

We believe God is raising up an army of Kingdom-minded women devoted to furthering His Kingdom and raising up leaders. Our ultimate goal is to see leaders who can reproduce leaders within their own sphere of influence. It’s about multiplication for the purpose of becoming more like Christ and advancing His Kingdom.


We do this through 1) Leadership Development  2) Discipleship 3) Events

Leadership Development

Leadership development needs to begin with ourselves. Before leading others, we need to be able to lead ourselves. It’s important to understand yourself, your disciplines, thinking, triggers and emotions.

Leadership development begins by guiding you through multiple self-assessments that will identify your strengths, skills, and spiritual gifts.

It's About Discipleship

Our ultimate goal is that everyone involved with KWI is a disciple who makes disciples and a leader who raises up leaders. With this goal in mind, we have developed three exceptional nine-month discipleship Journeys, which can easily be customized based on your group and schedule. We combine these Journeys with leadership development because we understand this will give you the confidence you need to move forward. 

We realize some women are called to disciple individuals in their neighborhoods, their church or within the marketplace. Wherever you see yourself, we seek to create a culture of multiplication. 


You meet with women one on one



These groups are taking the

KWI Journey and have access to KW Speakers.



You're called to the marketplace to bring the Kingdom of God and influence others.


KW assists churches 

in leadership

development and implementing discipleship.

Leadership Training

God sets a high calling for us--not perfection, but excellence. KWI desires to continue the call to raise up the most excellent leaders. Our training begins with five comprehensive modules, a total of ten hours, that will ensure all on the same page theologically and doctrinally. This leadership training is in-person and held with other women who have a desire to lead others into a deeper encounter with God and also provides you access to the Journey curriculum. We also understand the combination of leadership training along with the Journey curriculum will give you the confidence you need to lead others.


Module One


You are a leader, a powerful leader! In this module, we will discuss the following:

  • Our royal identity, authority, and personal influence.

  • Healthy and effective leaders and the priority of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and understanding how emotions make or break leaders.

  • Why discipleship and leadership? Understand the value and priority for discipleship and leadership, and provide its Biblical foundation.

  • -The Great Commission, Christ's ultimate call to go and make disciples.

  • -Discipleship and the Holy Spirit's power in the process

  • Knowing your why

  • Discipleship, a call for a lifetime 

  • Biblical leadership examples (Esther, Woman at the Well, Mary, Deborah)

Additional Modules Include:






Leadership Training

KWI is a subscription-based model. That not only provides you with leadership development training, access to a nine-month Journey curriculum but ongoing leadership development opportunities to connect with others and provide ongoing training. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Listening Skills  

  • Conflict Resolution God’s Way

  • Thriving Small Group Leadership

  • Goal Setting 

  • Time Management 

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Communication Skills

  • Leading in the Workplace

  • Becoming More Like Jesus

  • Spiritual Healing 

  • Self-Care

  • And More!

The Benefits of partnering with Kingdom Women

If you as an individual, organization or local church when you partner with Kingdom Women you'll have access to incredible resources, support, and connection. We believe everyone is beautifully and uniquely created for Kingdom purposes that God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10) We seek to inspire a community where nobody walks alone; without competition, cheering and supporting one another to live out their God-given life call. 


Kingdom Women members enjoy many privileges and receive the following:

  • Leadership Development Modules

  • Leadership Skills and Strength Assessment

  • Ongoing Leadership Training and Development

  • Ongoing Coaching and Support As You Lead

  • Nine-Month Discipleship Journey Content

  • KW Speakers for KW Journey Groups

  • Annual Kingdom Women Conference Discount

  • Online Store


We are currently offering this for a small annual subscription fee. All applications are prayerfully considered.

Start your KWI Journey

When you subscribe to Kingdom Women Internation (KWI) you gain access to the KWI Journeys. These are nine months of unique discipleship content broken down by week. Each Journey includes detailed weekly instructions, resources, activations, and the teachings you need to lead your group on a journey with God. You decide the timeline that fits for you and your group. However, we have seen God do a transforming work in the lives of the women that choose to go the entire nine months. These Journeys combined with leadership development provide you with the confidence you need to lead others in your neighborhood, your church or organization.

KWI Journey Groups also enjoy the option of having a KWI Speakers visit their groups. These are leaders who have been approved by KWI and carry God's anointing, His love, and presence. You and your group are sure to blessed by these beautiful women.

Question and more information contact us directly at hello@kwmail.orgAre you a local church leader or organization with a larger group of leaders, we are here to support you. Contact us at hello@kwmail.org

It’s a beautiful adventure and the outcome is worth the journey.