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We were created to be loved by God and love others. It is an incredible journey discovering who we are in Christ and much of it happens in relationship. Coming together can be a scary thing. It’s not easy to be vulnerable with people you don’t know, especially if you’ve been hurt in the past. We get it. However, it is in a community where we grow into the fullness of all we were created to be. You see, you are filled with extraordinary gifts and potential just waiting to be revealed and shared.


Together we are going to learn and pursue how to become more like Jesus. Yes, we're imperfect people, and it can get messy, but when we pursue Jesus, healing and forgiveness meet us where we are. It's time to allow Jesus to love us through others, to exchange hurt with healing and release freedom and purpose!


The more we discover who we are in Christ, the more empowered we are to walk into the most significant experience of our lives--relationship with God. It’s from this place that we connect with Him and burn with passion for all Jesus desires. We understand we are a part of a Kingdom with access and privileges beyond our own capacity. We realize our God-given destinies are released in the context of community. Some people call this journey, "Discipleship". 

Are you ready to walk with your King into His Kingdom? Have you been wondering if there is more than what you are experiencing in God? Have you wondered what your purpose is? It’s time to go deeper in knowing God intimately, in understanding your purpose and knowing your calling. Don’t wait! It’s time to arise! 


It’s a beautiful adventure and the outcome is worth the journey. Join A Group or Become A Leader

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