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Singer, Songwriter, Musician & Teacher

Sally is a British born, USA based singer, worship leader, writer and teacher. She is passionate about community and being lead by the Spirit to lead rooms in seeing and experiencing the ever-present heart of God. She has lead and held rooms in worship for the last 12 years and has been part of teams since she was in her teens and early twenties. Sally has traveled extensively as a teacher and singer joining with established worship groups and leading worship and workshops in China, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Israel, Holland, USA, Spain, and the UK. 


Sally has toured the UK and USA as a singer and songwriter as an ambassador for anti-trafficking nonprofits such as Eden Ministry and SourceMN, as well as Compassion UK. Sally is in the USA as a missionary and part of Mission Support Network. She writes a blog called Feathers and Whirlwinds, which can be found on her website and she has two studio albums available on iTunes with new music on its way soon. Sally has seen the work of Kingdom Women unfold over the last number of years and is excited to be leading the team of worshippers at this years conference.

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Drummer & Music Director

Roxanne has been playing the drums since junior high; it is one of her favorite things in the world. Her deepest desire is that the heart of God would be known and felt through her playing. Roxanne has experience playing at a number of church communities and conferences along the West Coast. She has a background in counseling and is passionate about learning how to live from a whole heart, and also runs an online personal training business where she helps people live healthy lives physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Roxanne currently lives in Bend, OR with her husband Kevin and their pup, Scout. 


Singer and acoustic guitar

Taylor is currently on staff with the Missions department at Orange Lutheran High School as specializing in Storytelling and Discipleship of young women. Taylor also leads Salt Churches Worship. Taylor is a fire filled daughter of the King with a flare of whimsy. She is WILD about worship and living a life in the limitless dimensions of Jesus’s Love. She is passionate about people becoming unleashed into the power of living fully alive in Jesus. Undone in life by the reality of Jesus being alive! Taylor often teaches on living a life of worship, in the vastness of its limitless forms!


Singer, writer, piano and acoustic guitar 

Born in Seattle, raised in Santa Barbara, California, music entered Allie's life when she was five years old. Her Parents encouraged classical piano lessons until she was 18, as which she left the states and the thought of pursuing music any further. In 2012 she found herself in Isla Vista's worship scene with Isla Vista Church. When an old friend handed her a half-broken organ and told her to play along, she found a passion for synth indie music. Allie would go on and make a record with Isla Vista Church, after which she wrote, produced and recorded her album Miles and Years, and her EP entitled Wildflowers for her indie-rock project, Haiva Ru. 


Sylvia is a professional violin player and has served on many worship teams across the country. We are so excited to have Sylvia with us at this year's conference.

Electric Guitar
Kellie joins us from Bethel Church, Redding. She is a professional musician and we are so pleased she could join us at this year's conference. 



Bass and Music Director

Cassie is a professional session musician, traveling the globe serving with worship teams from various churches. Cassie spent many years on the team at the International House of prayer, Kansas City. We are so pleased that she can join us at this year's conference.

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