• A deeper life-changing, intimate relationship with God

  • Becoming a disciple-making leader

  • You were part of a group of women committed to inspiring one another to become the best version of who God created you to be in whatever season of life 

  • There was no competition, only support

  • Everyone celebrated one another’s uniqueness.

  • You could witness the impossible become a reality in your life

  • A safe place where you could share your life and not be judged

    Just imagine! That’s what the journey is all about. Begin your Journey Into Intimacy

More than a Bible study, it's a lifestyle.

This Journey is a nine-month experience created to encourage and challenge women to follow Jesus through a deeper connection with the Father and daily reliance on the Holy Spirit. It includes teaching topics, exercises, and contemplative practices to help foster faith, which will come to life like never before. This is more than a Bible study. It is a lifestyle. It is a daily practice leading to radical transformation. People need to see a transformed Jesus-centered life modeled to know it is possible for them.

We have outlined everything you need to take your group on this Journey Into Intimacy with the Lord. It is intended to be a nine-month journey; however, you can break it up into more manageable segments depending on the unique schedules of your group. Some women will want to dig deeper. For those who want more, we have included recommended books and resources. Another unique offering includes Guest Speakers. These speakers are women personally selected to visit your group and teach on preset topics. 

Kingdom Women has combined the Journey with leadership development. Not only will you as a leader or your group of leaders have everything they need to lead a Journey Group you will discover what it means to be spirit-led and not curriculum-driven. Having the support of leadership development combined with the KWI Journey changes everything.

You will not find anything like this anywhere. Get ready for an incredible journey that will change lives!

It’s a beautiful adventure and the outcome is worth the journey.

At KWI we work with individuals, the local church and organizations who have a passion for the King, His Kingdom, and the command to make disciples. We train your emerging leaders and provide you with everything needed to launch your Journey groups. Contact us at