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Cathy Greer

Speaker, Author, Consultant, Pastor
& CEO,
Kingdom Women Global

Cathy Greer has over three decades of experience in ministry and business. Her multifaceted background encompasses roles as a dynamic speaker, author, pastor, consultant, and visionary leader. She is CEO of Kingdom Women Global and co-founded Mission Support (MSN Ministries), established in 2008. MSN Ministries is deeply committed to advancing the Kingdom of God through church planting, evangelistic endeavors, and education initiatives for the less privileged. As an ordained minister, she and her husband have trained countless pastors and leaders across more than 30 nations and served as pastors at two Southern California churches.


Moreover, Cathy's influence extends to empowering leaders in building their ventures, launching businesses, and establishing her consulting enterprise, Freedom Transformation LLC. Cathy is considered a mother in the faith, a prophetic voice, and a leader with wisdom and insight. She operates as a consultant, mentor, and coach to high-ranking leaders. These leaders achieve transformative progress through her guidance within their companies, organizations, and ministries.


Cathy's literary accomplishments include the authorship of numerous books, notably the 9-month discipleship curriculum titled "Journey into Intimacy, Identity, and Purpose" for Kingdom Women Global. 


She and her husband, Stuart, have been married for 32 years and have one daughter, Stephanie. To learn more, visit 


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